How Do We Get Safe Streets Locally?

Ways to Engage

  • With City Council:

    • Call or email councilmembers directly

    • Participate in District Meetings

  • With your District Manager:

    • Call and email bout sidewalk hazards (overgrown plants, broken sidewalks, uncleared snow, etc.)

    • You can additionally use Improve Detroit to report some issues

Ideas for Safe Streets: What Can Local Government Do?

  • Use more of the $105.1 Million Street Fund and $441.6 Million allocated from the General Fund for Safer Neighborhoods for making improvements to street safety citywide.

  • Apply for "Safe Streets and Roads for All" federal grants.

  • Invest in safety interventions other than just speed bumps.

  • Development of a citywide safe bicycle network.

  • Stronger investment into the public transportation system to make it faster and more reliable.

  • Launch car-free days on one street in each district once a month. Where the street is closed off and the district can come together.

  • Increase investment into the Department of Transportation so they can increase service frequency and reliability .

  • The establishment of a Crash Investigation Unit

    • which per the legislation in NYC “”” would require the department of transportation to create a crash investigation and analysis unit tasked with investigating, analyzing and reporting on all vehicle crashes involving significant injury. In addition to its crash investigation functions, the unit created by this legislation would be required to make recommendations for safety-improving changes to street design and infrastructure, and to post reports regarding its crash reviews on the department of transportation website.”””