Safe Streets in Detroit

Streets are meant for everyone to use and are public spaces that should serve all Detroiters, not just those that drive automobiles.

What Are Safe Streets?

Safe Streets are streets where it is safe for your children to play. Safe for you to walk along. Safe for you to bike on. Streets where car crashes don’t lead to serious injury or death. They are streets where aggressive drivers are tamed. Where you can live in peace and without fear of speeding automobiles.

Why Do We Need Safe Streets?

The City of Detroit makes up for more than 10% of all roadway deaths in the State of Michigan. Making streets safer is critical to saving the lives of Detroiters and making the city a place where people can live in peace and prosperity. Especially for our youth who are most impacted by traffic violence.

How Do We Get Safe Streets?

By getting involved and demanding safe streets from elected officials. There are many ways to get safe streets, but to make a systematic change we need support from elected officials that understand we cannot continue along this path of putting automobiles above people in our neighborhoods and our residential streets.